Our Mission

The mission of Education Minorities About Transplant, Inc (EMAT) is to educate and to bring awareness to minorities about transplants and organ donations and to provide supportive services within the transplant community.

Educate by providing printed reading materials about the need for more donors and testimonials from minority transplant recipients, donor families, those on the waiting list and various speaking engagements to community organizations, health fairs, churches, schools, etc.

Medication assistance to those who cannot afford the lifetime specialty drugs.

Awareness by community involvement activities and various media events.

Transportation to various medical appointments dealing with transplants.

Educating Minorities About Transplants (EMAT) was formed to:

Encourage minority transplanted individuals to converse with other people of color that have experienced transplantation PRIMARILY in the NE Florida area (but not to exclude persons from other areas).

Discuss issues and offer inspiration, support and encouragement to caregivers, donor families, and those who are on a waiting list to be transplanted.

Discuss ways to increase organ and tissue donations among minorities.

Appreciate living donors and donor families.

Share experiences with those waiting to be transplanted.

Eliminate myths about organ and tissue donation among minority communities.


-Sponsor community activities, programs, projects or special events.-Support fundraising events.

-Provide “in kind” donations, office space, advertisement, professional and printing services.

-Financial contributions and volunteering.

-Follow and/or join us on social media (Facebook); create a blog.

-Invite us to speaking engagements with professional, civic and social groups, churches, youth and senior activities, school and college campuses, etc.

-Schedule a registration drive.

-Help us spread awareness in your hometown.