Living Donors

Cedric Halbert

Teresa Haywood, RN

Shanda Suggs

Trish Phillips

Trish Phillips residing in Fort Lauderdale, FL. I decided to become a Living Kidney Donor for my best friend of twenty plus years, after witnessing her battle dialysis for over two years. So seeing my friend struggle with the effects of dialysis, I knew I had to be tested as a living donor. Doctors requested that I change my diet and lose weight before the transplant could take place. I followed all of the doctors’ recommendations and donated my kidney to Kimberly in December 2016. “I didn’t just save Kimberly’s life by being her kidney donor. She gave me just as an important gift of life-a healthier lifestyle”. Since my donation December 15, 2016, I have been on a mission to inform others that you can live a healthy lifestyle on just one kidney and to also sign up to be a living organ donor or a deceased donor.

Jeri Gill

Laura Linton

Kidney recipient, Steven Edward with his living donor wife, LaTasha.